“A literary cocktail of rare originality. It is not hard to see why Mark Dapin’s stylish novel, set in Nineties Sydney, was such a critical success in Australia. The writing has real freshness … the story glides effortlessly from an intriguing start to a heart-warming resolution … Dapin impresses with the understated authority of his storytelling.”
London Daily Telegraph
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“This is a book destined for classic status in every sense of the word. It is powerful, poignant, moving, tragic and intensely distressing. It is a feast of a story which will almost simultaneously move you to tears and bring a smile to your face … Buy, beg, borrow or steal this novel. You won’t regret it.” (FIVE STARS)
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“Frankly just wonderful … It’s funny, truthful, upsetting, moving and sheds a whole new light on an aspect of Australian war history …There’ll be a few reviewers singing Mark Dapin’s praises over this one and I’m very happy to be one of them, for this is a beautiful, hilarious, frightening novel that has leapt straight into my top three for 2011.”
ABC Book Show

“Every other week, it seems, a fine new Australian novel is published. Few, however, can equal the vernacular flair, the originality of treatment of matters that we had thought overly familiar and the narrative drive of Mark Dapin’s Spirit House … Dapin is funny, poignant, vibrantly witty and his novel is a treat from its elegiac opening to its bitter, unexpected close.”
Canberra Times

“Every now and then you can run across a writer who does a little magic. They take something that almost everyone thinks they know something about, re-examine it from a completely unexpected direction and present the reader with a whole new take on their expectations … Mark Dapin has pulled off a deeply human, but particularly Australian, bit of magic.”
The Courier-Mail

“Dapin’s achievement is to bring the past to life through memorable moments and characters in whom one can believe. The use of comedy to juxtapose the brutality of war is well measured, leading to a resolution with the past and a kind of grace for those in the present.”
The Sydney Morning Herald
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“A little masterpiece of comedy and torment.”
The Australian, ‘Book of the Year’

“Powerful, poignant, moving tragic and intensely distressing. It is a feast of a story which will almost simultaneously move you to tears and being a smile to your face.”
ABC, ‘Books of the Year’

“The author … has absorbed the accounts of those whose fortitude and forbearance has no contemporary equivalent, and laces them with a novelist’s wit, imagination and insight. ”
The Times (UK)
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