“Mark Dapin’s Jewish Anzacs is … a serious, well-researched book full of poignant stories that contribute to Australian history … Dapin uses remarkable unpublished diaries and letters to develop the historical story. Later chapters based on interviews are equally compelling. He weaves together the Jewish context, individual experiences and military events.”
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“The story of Jewish-Australians’ role in military conflict is also that of a shadow battle waged against prejudices about Jews as warriors.”
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“In the expert hands of Mark Dapin we learn about the remarkable Colonel Walter Karri Davies, who served in the Boer War … In less capable hands, this could have been a simple recitation of character and circumstance, but Dapin shapes a broader narrative that captures the horrendous attitudes to Jews as well as the broader social history.”
Hobart Mercury, 27 May 2017

“I am an admirer of the work of writer and historian Mark Dapin … For the Jewish faith the act of Remembrance (zachor) is an important duty so I am sure this book will be coveted by many families.”
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“From the shores of Gallipoli to the mountains of Afghanistan, Jews have distinguished themselves fighting for Australia. Now, “Jewish Anzacs” by Mark Dapin — the first book of its kind — explores their heroism.”
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